Sunday, January 6, 2013

Work = Play

Tyler got another weekend of reffing jobs. It's kind of fun having him work. He's getting so much self satisfaction from it. This time he got to do an older group of kids, which he really liked. 
 Tyler had three games to ref in a row and since Chris and I are his transportation, and we didn't want to stay 4+ hours at the rink, we drove him up to the U of U, I hung around for his first game but had a list of other things to take care of. Tyler took TRAX home, by himself, for the first time.

He did great! No problems. I was more worried than anyone. He had to walk half a mile to the TRAX station, but after that he was set. Just one train the whole way home. I still can't believe I let him do that, but he's old enough and mature enough (at least that's what I tell myself).

He already has three more reffing games this weekend, so it's a good thing we had him ride TRAX so we both can get used to it.

Now we just need to set him up with the same account at the bank as we did Caely and he can start saving his pennies for all the hockey sticks he wants/breaks.


Anonymous said...

I think it's great he's riding Trax all by himself! Remember we used to ride the bus to Cottonwood Mall and downtown all the time at that age?

Karen said...

Good for you. It makes my stomach hurt a little, and he's not even my kid! I'm such a baby about these things! I need to get my kids doing more of these kinds of independent activities...

pan x 8 said...

Like I told you on IM, it's amazing how old our boys are getting and how independent they are getting. That's awesome. Tyler has a job, he really loves to do!