Saturday, December 22, 2012

Responsible Banker

Caely is definitely a saver. She saved up for three birthdays and all her babysitting money to buy her iTouch last spring and since then, she's packed away all her dollars. 

With me working, we pay her to babysit the days that I work, so she's loving making some money. Now, what is she supposed to do with it? 

Well, we figured it would be much safer in a bank account than hanging out in her room waiting to get misplaced or snatched by her brother who loves money. 

We went to the bank to stick it in her savings account, but they talked us into a teen checking account to help her learn how to manage what she has. I really do think it was a great idea. No checks, just a debt card that won't let her go over what's in the account. Now she has some in savings and a little in her checking so she can have the freedom to buy things if she wants.

The funny thing is, she's had the account for over a month and still hasn't even used her debt card. What a good little saver!
 This kid can't wait to get his hands on some money so he can start saving too. I think he likes spending way more than he likes saving, though.

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pan x 8 said...

Really good idea!!